A smart approach of light industrial real estate
Redeveloping and reshaping light industrial real estate and urban logistics for a sustainable future

Real Estate

SmartUnit is a private investment fund investing in light industrial real estate.

We acquire, develop and reconvert “SmartUnits” in or close to major Belgian cities. We rent out our SmartUnits to various types of companies.

smart unit
smart unit

SmartUnits are for multi-functional use, like urban logistic activities, last-mile-distribution, wholesale or assembly.

We offer SmartUnits for rent, starting from 150 m² up to
as many square meters as needed.

Our focus

Reshaping, boosting, revitalizing light industrial sites.

Offering attractive working environments that are catalysts for innovation, collaboration and economic growth.

SmartUnit builds new light industrial sites and reconverts older light industrial sites into modern SmartUnits.

We focus on well-being@work: a green environment, inside day light, bike sheds, solar panels, charging stations, community building and much more!

We help creating a working environment tailored to your needs where you and your employees can be proud of.

We are reshaping light industrial real estate. Creating attractive and sustainable buildings, with a distinctively fresh SmartUnit look and feel for your teams to feel proud of their working environment.

During the reconversion of old industrial property, SmartUnit preserves attractive historical elements such as roof structures, columns and old masonry. Our semi-industrial real estate therefore lends itself to purely traditional-industrial use or storage as a showroom or event location. When developing new buildings, we pay a lot of attention to the Smart look & feel of our sites.
Even in often harsh semi-industrial environments, we provide a typical qualitative and sustainable “SmartUnit Look & Feel” with attention to well-being and quality landscaping. We create a working environment where you and your employees, as well as ourselves, can be proud of.

smart unit

Just like you, as a young company, we will keep evolving, adapting our offer to our clients demands, to your own demands, with the ambition to rapidly expand our range of buildings where our customers need them the most.


Sale and Lease Back operation with SmartUnit.

Do you currently own your semi-industrial building, but you wish to restructure your company and free up financial resources to further develop your company ? Feel free to come for a coffee!

SmartUnit is also the ideal partner when you are looking for a solution for your company real estate in the context of a business takeover. If your company buyer is not interested in taking over the property, we can acquire the property and provide a suitable solution for all parties involved.

At SmartUnit, it is always about thinking our future together, because it will only make our mutual development Smarter.

A strong partnership

The SmartUnit team.
Professional, complementary, ambitious and driven by the same sense of entrepreneurship.

Christian Verhaeren
Board member

Michel Verhaeren
Board member

Johan Cromphout
Board member

Jimmy De Breucker
Board member

Jean-Paul Sols
Chairman and Board member

Dieter De Saeger


Smart, future proof real estate. Energy efficient with a focus on reduction of co² emissions.

A green environment, inside day light, bike sheds, solar panels, charging stations.


smart unit
smart unit

SmartUnit newbuilt constructions are designed in line with Breeam standards (from a label Very Good up to Outstanding).

Reconversion of existing real estate is in our DNA. Always recycling what can still be used. Respecting industrial legacy and architecture.

Together, we build a Smarter future.

Our values


Reconversion and recycling of industrial real estate is the SmartUnit DNA.


Having fun in what we do, aiming for operational excellence. Work smart – play smart.

Added Value

Boosting, revitalizing industrial sites creating attractive working environments. Working environments that are catalysts for innovation, collaboration and economic growth.


At SmartUnit we are kind to all stakeholders. Building and maintaining long term relationships.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Teaming up with clients, real estate agents, bankers, lawyers, architects and advisers. None of us is as smart as all of us.


We are continuously looking for new investments:

  • Sale and rent back operations
  • Acquisitions
  • Developments

Do you currently own industrial real estate and are wondering about the future potential of your asset?

Please contact us today! Reconversion and recycling of industrial real estate is the SmartUnit DNA.


Looking for a warehouse, work place or logistic space? Interested to rent one of our SmartUnits? Thinking about converting your building into a SmartUnit? Or just wanting to know more about our investment fund? Please fill out this form and we will quickly come back to you.